An undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting.

Cultivating Effective Business Habits (CEBH)

3 Days

An individual’s habits will eventually culminate in his/her style and behaviour both in their personal and corporate lives. In today’s business environment, the executive is expected to grow excellent habits in planning, organising and strategizing to accomplish their organisational mission. Whether as an employee or owner, they will need to cultivate healthy habits in order to propel their corporate vision to add sustainable values.

Pre and Post Computer Based Test Included

Performance Thinking (PT)

3 Days

Fierce competition is making organisations demand targeted performance from Managers. Leadership no longer accepts excuses and complaints of lack of logistics, hindrances etc., whether real or imagined! The critical interest is in activities that lead to timely delivery of results and not just appearing to be busy.
The PERFORMANCE THINKING PROCESS offers alternative ways of thinking about yourself and others in relationship with your work that ensure result-based performance, making you an outstanding manager. It is a highly interactive and experimental process using real time issues.