Competence: n. The ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Coaching & Hand Holding

32 Hours

This specially designed programme will help take your personal and professional life to the next level. It is an inside-out approach to your career success, it is 100% devoted to your career success. Have someone hold you accountable, cheer you on, point out pit falls, build on your strengths, and help you chart out your path.

Pre and Post Computer Based Test Included

Mastering Ambassadorial Skills

3 Days

This programme is all about knowing and understanding the glue that hold official life in our clime and other climes. It has become vital that proper protocol is observed in ensuring that relations between the officials of organisations and governments are conducted with minimum friction and maximum efficiency within and across borders.

C -Suite Smart Power

2 Days

This 2-day Master Program on “C-Suite “is designed for directors with a sophisticated approach to developing “EP,” that is, the ability to motivate, inspire, and align the actions of an organization and make impact on the world around them. Presence is one of the most common characteristics shared by many C –suite executives.