“The response you get is your true communication” …Robert Kiyosaki.

Proficiency In English Grammar & Communication (PEG&C)

12 Weeks

English is the lingua franca of business, science, and international exchange. Fluency in English is increasingly essential in the workplace, especially in managerial and executive positions. Employers require their employees to be able to carry a wide range of tasks and deal with complex social and professional situations in English. This course is aimed at helping participants develop impeccable grammar and exude self confidence in their spoken language.

Pre and Post Computer Based Test Included

Performance Enhancing Corporate Culture (PECC)

3 Days

This programme is research based and designed to clearly show how corporate culture can contribute meaningfully to financial results in any organizations. Research has shown that organizations with the right kind of culture significantly outperform organizations that do not have these cultural traits by a huge margin. It will institutionalize culture operating systems (COS) in organisations

Elocution and Public Speaking (EPS)

8 Weeks (Weekends only)

Do you have little or no experience of speaking in public, want to finally overcome your fear of public speaking and learn how to present with confidence? Do you want to become more confident in delivering speeches, make more of an impact in front of an audience? Have you ever wondered why some people speak in public with confidence and authority?
Many people find public speaking a daunting challenge because the ability to speak eloquently is not in them.

8 Weeks (Saturdays Only) & 1 WEEK Intensive